Purtelleigh’s Bakery in Picton Ontario

Wholesale Price List


Burger Buns (as used at The Acoustic Grill) $5 dozen

X-Large Burger Bun (The Grant Burger Bun) $10.50 dozen

Butter Buns (they melt in your mouth) $5 dozen

Slider Buns (too cute) $4 dozen

Assorted Rolls (White, Whole Wheat, MultiGrain etc) $5 dozen

Hotdog Buns (BBQ time) $5 dozen

Slider Hotdog Buns (remember Buddha Dog) $4 dozen

Pizza Shells 13″ $1.50 each

Bread By The Loaf (too many varieties) $4 each

Sourdough Bread $5 each

French Stick $2.50 each

MultiGrain French Stick $4 each

Half Way Bagel (between Toronto and Montreal) $10 dozen

Looking for Custom Breads or Buns?
We can work with you to create specialty items for your menu


Lemon Mouse Cake

White or Dark Chocolate Mouse Cake

Strawberry Mouse Cake

Mocha Cream Cake

…many more custom cakes are available too

12″ round $45

18″ round $65

1/2 Sheet $75

Full Sheet $150

We will honour these prices for all functions/weddings you are hosting

All items delivered to your door weekly
All orders billed monthly
Minimum 2 days notice for orders
For all orders, call Purtelleigh’s
Jenny: 613 922 8097
Steve: 613 391 8656